A122 • Premium Latex Wrist-Length Gloves with Trim

Premium Latex Wrist-Length Gloves with Trim

Latex wrist-length gloves with an optional color trim at the top edge.
The premium grade molding is made in smaller batches; quality control is therefore superior and it contains fewer natural variations. The overall process renders the latex very soft.
Latex thickness: .02" (.4 mm)

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Latex: tailored, molded, chlorinated, and thickness

Tailored latex clothing is made from latex sheets, which are manufactured with a strict thickness tolerance. Therefore, tailored latex articles from sheets have a greater uniformity in thickness and overall quality than molded latex.
The .02" (.4 mm) gauge is considered standard thickness for latex clothing. Tailored latex clothing is made like traditional clothing; patterns are used on latex sheets to cut the garment. But unlike regular clothing, the latex pieces are glued together instead of being sewn. However, some tailored latex garment is also sewn in addition of being glued. The making of tailored latex clothing is labor intensive and is normally more expensive than its molded latex equivalent. Since the garment is actually tailored, the fit is generally more anatomically adjusted to the body than molded latex. Since the garment creation process of tailored latex is different than molded latex; the stress points on the garment have seams (multiple latex layers, which is glued), and therefore, tailored latex is usually more resistant and fits better than molded latex.

Molded latex clothing is made from shaped molds (i.e. t-shirt) that are dipped into a liquid latex tank and is therefore a one-piece item with no seams, unlike tailored garments created from several pieces glued together.
In general, one-piece molded garments are less anatomically adjusted to the body than their tailored counterparts. However, since latex is a material that will easily mold to the body, it can still achieve a tailored look and fit.
The making of molded latex clothing is less labor intensive and therefore is normally less expensive than tailored latex clothing.
Toys, gloves and most fetish wear (i.e. briefs with anal plug) are generally made from molded latex.
The garment thickness is influenced by several factors like the amount of time the latex stays on the mold, the ambient temperature and humidity during fabrication. Therefore, the thickness variance is greater with molded latex than tailored latex. In our molded latex garment description, the latex thickness given is an average since the thickness uniformity throughout the garment can vary.

Chlorinated latex is latex that has been exposed to a solution of chlorine and other chemicals, and during this exposure, it will cause some of the chlorine molecules to attach onto the surface of the rubber molecules. This process will reduce the friction on the surface of the latex. Therefore, the latex is much smoother and it can usually be donned without the need for dressing aid (talc, lube, etc.). Also, during storage, the garments will not tend to stick to themselves thus alleviating the need of talc.
Note that repairs will be more difficult to achieve on chlorinated latex as the glue will be less effective. You will likely require a professional repair should the need arise. Also, the chlorination process can slightly alter the original latex color.
Chlorinated latex is now available on over 1000 products from our premium latex line.

Latex thickness of standard gauge stretches more and is more form fitting than its thicker counterpart; this allows for a more ample freedom of movement.
Heavy gauge latex clothing is more resistant to wear because of its inherent nature; but one should take into consideration that a proper fit is key to the ultimate durability of all latex garments.
Standard thickness latex: .01 to .02"
Thick latex: .025+"

Latex Colors & Gauges

Special Order Color(s) & Gauge(s) items are custom made by the manufacturers. These items must be paid before we can process the order. Thereafter, there is a delay of 6/8* weeks for delivery.

Note: When ordering a Special Order Color(s) & Gauge(s) along with In-Stock Colors/Gauges items the whole order will be delivered when all items are ready (6/8* weeks).

However, you can request to ship immediately the in-stock items, and thereafter, ship the delayed items; an additional shipping fee will apply. Please select this option during checkout. Proceed through the checkout and choose the shipping method desired for the in-stock items. When your delayed items arrive, they will be shipped using standard shipping.

*Could be one additional week for oversea shipment.

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Blue Light

Metallic Blue Latex Color Sample

Blue (Metallic)

Flesh Latex Color Sample


Olive Green Latex Color Sample

Green (Olive)

Pink Latex Color Sample


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Yellow Latex Color Sample



Special Order Items

Some items are not part of our regular stock can be made especially for you. It takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks* delay. Please remember when ordering these products that they cannot be exchanged or returned, nor can an order containing special order item(s) be cancelled.
Only the special order options that are offered will be listed, when available. Our selection is always growing and by adding your name to our mailing list you will be up to date with all the latest products and promotions that we offer.

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